Spark Lasers is pleased to announce a new improved XSight AOM module for fine power control and fast power modulation, which is now integrated in the smallest laser head on the market.

XSight AOM is a turn-key solution designed to provide all the features required for 2 photon-microscopy and other industrial applications:

  • Computer controlled calibrated output power from 0 to 100% with steps of 0.05%
  • Analog modulation with a bandwidth > 1 MHz using an external arbitrary electrical signal
  • ON/OFF modulation with a response time < 1 µs using an external TTL signal

Spark Lasers’ ALCOR offers the ideal combination of clean ultrashort femtosecond pulses, high average power, computer controlled GDD precompensation, computer controlled power modulation and optional fiber delivery in a robust and compact laser head.

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