Bioimaging relies on the ability to image living biological materials non-invasively, in real-time and with ultimate high-resolution. One of the techniques used is two-photon fluorescence excitation microscopy, which requires the use of ultrafast pulsed lasers capable of producing high peak power with low pulse energy to avoid degradation of living cells.

The main wavelengths used in this application are 920 nm those in the 1030-1064 nm region due to reduced scattering loss and availability of fluorescent proteins. Spark Lasers’ ALCOR meets all requirements for 2-photon microscopy offering 100 fs pulses, 920 or 1064 nm and up to 5 W average power. Its reduced size and unique features such as GDD precompensation, fast power modulation and fiber delivery make ALCOR a remarkable laser to help researchers and industrials in the most challenging research projects.

When deeper images are required, 3-photon microscopy might be a suitable solution. 1300 nm appears to be the adequate wavelength for this application. Our product DIADEM 1300 has been specifically designed for 3-photon excitation.

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